Domestic Tips

Supply Chain Tips to effectively managing your move, purchasing or selling any of your valuables

  1. Take the time to make a solid plan and list what you really want to move over to the next phase of your life (i.e. Throw Stuff Away)
  2. Be honest with your transporter of what you are moving so there is no additional charges added afterwards this you will not be able to negotiate down
  3. Always have a contingency plan
  4. Ensure that you book for an early move instead of late afternoon to avoid moving in the dark if there are any delays.
  5. Hire a logisticsmanager with strong interpersonal skills.
  6. Don’t assume your transporter offers packaging, this will usually be at an additional cost
  7. If you have antiques and prized possessions and your transporter does not offer packaging. Make sure you package these items with cardboard and duct tape prior to them arriving so that you are not charged for waiting time.
  8. Make sure you book your move in the middle of the month that will allow you to negotiate a better price. End and beginning of the month the demand is high and so prices quoted reflect this demand…
  9. Try to move as much of the smaller items that you can so your transporter will then only bill you for the larger items that you could not move yourself.
  10. If you selling any of your items you are not going to use anymore and the potential purchaser sends you an EFT confirmation of payment, rather wait until the money has cleared in your bank account before releasing the item.
  11. It is best to ask your movers to include any other trips to the skip you will find you save money rather than asking another company to haul your discarded items to the skip
  12. Ensure the company you use has public liability insurance or for your most valuable items ensure personal insurance covers your move.