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Moufti’s Deliveries is a family business, we have been operating since 2015 . Zakaria Moufti is from Marrakech Morocco and is married to Fadwa Jansen Moufti from the Cape Flats Cape Town South Africa. We are proud parents of our little seven year old boy Sulayman Moufti. Zakaria and Fadwa met while both of them were working in the UK. We realised coming back home with our experience and passion can only be good for ourselves, our son, family and the rest of South Africa. We are the New Africans that are passionate, hopeful and courageous about making our families, communities and countries BETTER, one business at a time. WE ARE PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN. We know that working hard, smart and striving towards reaching our best as a South African, African and a human being can only be good for ALL our countryman. We want to empower ourselves, so we can with understanding and from a position of strength help our fellow brothers and sisters climb the ladder…

We live by the motto “love for mankind what you love for yourself”. Our customers know we care about providing excellent service. We take our responsibility seriously in providing service that is Reliable, Trusted and Professional.

  • Commercial Transport
  • Domestic Transport